post http-function Not Found (404)

Hi, I’m having difficulties making post function work on Wix, it unexplicably returns a Not Found 404 error.

Here’s what I’ve done :

  • I’ve created a file named ‘http-functions.js’

  • created a function 'export function post_whatever(request){
    options = {
    “response”:“It worked!”

    return ok(options);

simple enough code…

  • I’ve published my website countless times
  • and now I try to access it via the link given by wix with the …/_functions/whatever and it returns a 404 Not Found error.

The thing that puzzles me is that the exact same code works just fine when I replace ‘post’ with ‘get’, meaning that get functions work, but post do not. I’ve tested with put and delete also, and they do not work either… Is there something I am missing, I’m starting to think it might be on Wix’s side, idk… I’ve roamed the Internet and no one seems to have this problem.

I’ve also tried accessing this function from python code with ‘requests’ module but nothing seems to work, always 404 (and sometimes 500) error.

Thank you