Prevent site's general email from being used on it's own Wix Forms by spammers

Is this currently an existing feature request?

Wishlist item
A way to block certain emails from being used when completing a form via Wix Forms.

What current pain point are you facing?
the number of bots using John Doe and then my company email to fill out the form on our website.

Do you have a current workaround that you’re using?

Describe the feature you need and how it would work. (Bonus points for mockups :wink:)
a way to list emails that are blocked from being entered in forms.

How will this impact you?
I can use wix forms again… the spam currently makes them useless.

Is this using Studio or the Wix Editor and new forms/old forms?

Depending on the above, it might be possible to setup some rules so that if the email field contains a specific value (site domain for example), then the submit option is hidden (preventing the form from being submitted).

It might also be worth adding recaptcha if you haven’t got it added yet - I know others in the community have experience with this making a difference.

Worth adding as a feature request if you haven’t already :slight_smile: