Preview database vs Live database issue

Hello All,
-I have my submit “button” set up and it is attached to my database and linked to another page after “Submit Button” is clicked.

-When I test it out in Preview, it works perfectly, the data is collected & I’m redirected to my linked page.

-When I go directly to my live website and fill out the data or information and click the " SUBMIT" button it does nothing. This is after I have syne in my database.

I have spent hours, Youtube, etc. I can’t seem to figure out why it works perfectly in Preview and not Live.

Question: What am I missing or doing incorrect?


Check your database’s permissions, make sure visitors can write data to the collection.

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I have it as write only. Thank you for trying to help me with this. I’ve found no one seems to know anything. I have seen many people in many forms and websites having the same issue but no one ever responds or has an answer. I love Wix but I’m very disappointed that they don’t have any answers to this problem. I will have to eventually find another company who will offer better help and solutions to what seems to be a common problem. I will be designing many different sites and was hoping I could take my business to Wix. I guess I will have to just move on.

You are referring the dataset’s setting but the database’s permissions aren’t the same, look at the screenshot below and make sure anyone can create content to the collection.

Thanks for everyone’s help, I"m hoping this will help someone else in the future.

Sorry for the horrible picture but it shows what needs to be done.

If someone runs into this error again it very well could be when they are first setting up the database and you are doing a lead form or application, that you need to select “Form Submission” and not “Site Contact”. Site contact will work in Preview but not live. Form Submission when selected will.

I hope that makes sense and again helps someone else who is searching for this fix.