Price by size option on Wix

Is there a way to charge for an item by the square inch?

We are selling custom air filters with unlimited sizes and using eCommerce on Wix Editor, but only 100 variations are available.

What are you trying to achieve:
We need to charge .045 cents per square inch so a 10x10 would be $4.50. Another filter is .065 cents per inch, but we don’t know how to accomplish this on Wix.

What have you already tried:
I tried hiring a Web Developer and contacting Wix Support, but this feature is not available at this time.

Additional information:
I’m afraid my only option would be to pick the 100 most common sizes and ask customers to contact us with any unusual sizes, but I would love to automate this price by size feature. Thanks for your help!

This is possible in Velo using the ecom-additional-fees SPI:

There’s also a feature request in the roadmap that you can vote on: Wix Stores Request: Product Pricing per Weight or Size | Help Center |