Print reports

I don’t understand why is not possible to genererate a report of the collections data to be printed, if it is a very common need.
Is it possible to have this feature this soon?

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It may be possible depending on your requirements and what you are looking for using an external PDF generation platform which could be then printed

Thank you Shan. I need to generate a PDF of the data that I have in one of my collections. If is possible, it will be much better if I could filter this data.

Yes it is possible but you have to use Wix Code to achieve this

Here, see a PDF generation system I have explained to generate Invoices. Same base formula can be applied for your Report Generation but if you do not have experience with Code it will be difficult

Shan, you have a beautiful solution! But it’s a problem that it has to use the PDFmyURL service that is too expensive for me.

Well. Solutions don’t always come cheap.

BTW you could even include Pie Charts and stuff in your reports using chart.js

Thank you Shan!

Install the pdfkit node module and try building the report you need.


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Thank you Shay, I’ll try it