Prioritize elements to load on website

Hello Guys,

I’m bit struggling with the response time on my initial website on mobile devices.

When I enter the website into the browser it will take about 5 seconds then it start react, mostly significant delays are when you are trying to enter the menu. (you are pushing the menu button and nothing happen, then after aprox 5s it will load) This issue is very significant and I’m already receiving some complains about that.

I already reduced size of the images, not using any app on the home screen, etc. so some optimization was already done. but still there are huge delays.

Is there any way how to force load of the menu first, made it working and then load rest of the site?

On pc this problem is not noticeable, but on mobile it is very significant.

Hold on, things Will come soon to help you but at the moment menus on mobile is slow loading and I don’t know why but maybe @liran can assist