Any workaround for bad mobile UX?


I am having trouble with my website when browsed on mobile. The problem is due to a combination of three factors (in order of importance):

  1. Loading of a simple page is very slow (in the range of seconds)
  2. The browser’s loading progress bar is hidden and preloaders don’t work upon page transitions, so the user perceives the website as frozen when moving from page to page
  3. The menu is not responsive until the page is fully loaded

Regarding point 1: I already tried all sorts of tricks like using only one font (Arial), not using interactive components, no repeaters, no animations, only having a few small images (I even tried removing them all). Apparently the bottleneck is the evaluation of some Wix JS scripts that are not under my control. By keeping the content to a bare minimum I can keep the loading time for most pages between 3 and 7 seconds. This isn’t great, but would still be somewhat acceptable if it weren’t for point 2.

Regarding point 2: this seems to be a Wix-only thing, no other website I tried exhibits this behavior. Lack of a progress bar is a significant drawback due to point 1: having no feedback and slow loading times gives the user the impression that the website is completely frozen. They get nervous, want to move on and start clicking on things, which leads to killer point 3.

Regarding point 3: the page not being loaded for seconds with no feedback leads the user to click on the menu icon to see whether there is any other page (perhaps more interesting, maybe more responsive?) they could get to. Unfortunately, the menu does not open because the page is still loading, possibly waiting for some image to download. They click again and again, but nothing happens. Eventually they get tired and leave.

Is there any solution to this?

Fixing point 1 to make Wix sites load faster on mobile would be IMO the right/ideal solution, but it’s not up to me. Also, considering that many users have complained about this over time and it seems the problem is still there, I am not going to hold my breath for it to be fixed.

Fixing point 2 would be enough for me. Is there any way to show the progress bar, or provide some other kind of feedback? I tried using a preloader, but it only works when loading the first page, not upon page transitions.

If that’s not possible either, is there anything I could do about point 3? Is it possible to have a responsive menu before the page is loaded? Does it perhaps depend on the template which was chosen to build the website? I tried a few templates, but they all seemed to share the same behavior.

I paid for a Premium subscription and I am quite satisfied with the desktop version of the website - a bit slow when using browsers other than Chrome, but it looks cool and performance is acceptable overall. Unfortunately, the mobile UX is a showstopper for me, because most potential visitors nowadays are using mobile platforms.

Looking forward to your advice. Thank you in advance.