Private Database Document

I have created my own private member pages, and only member can view the content of that pages. In one of those pages I have defined a button to open a document when member opens this document it takes him to another page to show the document. However I have discovered that anyone who copies that URL will have access to the document, which I don’t want.

How can I make this URL private to it’s corresponding member? or maybe I can protect it with password?

Thank You.

At this time, it is not possible to make a Wix media (url) private with any permissions.

Alternatively you can:

  • embed the PDF document

  • Auto download the document without redirecting person

  • use a 3rd party that offers these permissions (Dropbox, etc)

Here is a tutorial I have that shows you how to embed and auto download documents:

@code-queen I tried the second link, but I’m getting an error and am unable to save the file or view it.

I think the static link is not the correct one:${url}?dn=${name}.pdf

because I have uploaded some other documents and the link I have is the following:

Thank you for your help.


just had to change the URL from${url}?dn=${name}.pdf to${url}?dn=${name}.pdf

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