Pro Gallery description/layout glitch

I have a WIX Pro gallery grid on my site with the Title and Description ticked to appear. It was working fine until I made some minor changes including adding a gradient to the bottom so the Title/Description would pop — then the description would appear on the live site for a second and disappear. It has continuously appeared in Studio editor.

After two support calls (the first included the rep’s recommendation to scrap the whole thing and start over :melting_face:), I realized I’d changed the layout from ‘fit to screen’ to ‘set items per row The info in the descriptions fit, as visually proven in the editor and for the second before disappearing.

Very frustrating for the editor to show one thing and all my live versions (Safari and Chrome on 15” MacBook Pro and 27” iMac) show something else.

Additionally, when I look at mobile breakpoint in Studio the gallery appears, but it is not appearing at all on my phone. I’ve tried “fit to screen” and “set items per row.”
Can anyone help shed some light on this?? Is there a STUDIO / WIX Gallery best practices how-to out there?? Thanks for any help.

Wix Studio Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
A responsive grid gallery that displays title and description

What have you already tried:
Support desk twice, Creative Crew (no response )

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Hey @leslee! :wave:

I’ve not come across this one before :thinking:

Perhaps one of the techniques in these videos might help, but can’t say for certain:

If you have a link to the site that it’s happening on, that might help with a more specific answer :slight_smile:

Thanks, Noah! I learned something about unwanted gaps, hopefully I addressed that (it was the problem with my mobile).

Here is a link to the page. The Title and Description should be appearing. Ironically, the gallery and both texts are now appearing on mobile.

I founded the same issue. Will it be solve? LIke every time ADPVantage

This ALWAYS happens for me. Why can’t Wix just fix these little irritating things? Who’s in charge of the Pro Gallery? Someone needs to address this.

@noahlovell fyi — turns out the size of the overlay was interfering with the layout.