Pro Gallery Hover Customization

Greetings Community. I’ll try to be quite brief & quick with my question/request:

I have a Wix Pro Gallery grid connected to a dataset and, hence, showing the images from my database on live site. My database collection has 3 fields per item: name, 1st image and 2nd image .

I’m already capable to show all my 1st images normally ; I would like to know if Velo can allow my Pro Gallery to show each item’s 2nd image on hover and how could I achieve that, since the app’s settings dialog box only allows hover effects such as animations & color overlays.

Thanks beforehand

A few considerations…

  1. I am using the brand new EditorX , where ordinary galleries are not available so the Wix Pro Gallery app is currently my only option for image gallery display there.
  2. I have considered connecting a Repeater to my database instead of a Gallery ; but the reason I’m insisting on using the Wix Pro Gallery is due to its native responsiveness –the main reason I chose EditorX on the first place– which I cannot get just yet with a repeater.