Problem with Wix Forms & Database Input Values

I created a Wix Form and connected it to a database. When users submit the form, it triggers an email, and the data shows up in a repeater on a dynamic page. This all worked fine until today when all of a sudden, the data stopped being added to the database. The email is still triggered, but none of the data is populated into the database so my repeater is now not working. Can anyone help me figure out why it’s malfunctioning now?


This could be a million different issues. without knowing what the error is there is no way to propose a fix.
Try submitting data and watch the console. (on the live site on chrome do this by hitting F12 then click console on the window)
look for lots of red that appears when you hit the button
Likely it is a save failure. Check the dataset Create Data permissions?

Thanks, Ethan! That was VERY helpful! The problem was with the attachment button! I deleted it and added a new one. Thanks again!

no problem.
when in doubt console.log(text) and F12 are your best friend