Hi, there’s a change coming to do with The General Data Protection Regulations (2018) and it requires cookie controls to be “with explicit consent”.
I found this from https://www.civicuk.com/assets/scripts/cookie-submit.js and I want to know how to (1) upload the Cookie Control script to my website??? (2) “copy the code & update the path”??? (3) Apply Cookie Control events to cookie dropping scripts???

I’m very new to this, not very conversant in TECH speak, and don’t need jargon, just clear, concise directions, so I can be compliant with the Law.


I think this should cover your needs:

Hi Uri.
Thanks for the link, but this takes me to a series of instructions to add cookie pop-ups that under the new law would not be compliant (i.e. illegal)
have a look here (How do you make your website GDPR compliant?) to see my meaning. It requires specific cookie consent be present, and the option to opt-out, and to switch off ALL cookies.
Hence the script I need to add

Hi Brian Yang,
Welcome to Wix Code :slight_smile:
In the editor click on “Add Apps” and search for “Cookie Alert”
I believe it should suit your needs
Good luck!

Hi Roi,
Thanks for the info. I had this app installed & removed it, as it’s not GDPR compliant.
Consent has to be explicit (not assumed) & if user don’t consent, they must have the option to decline the use of cookies & remove/block them.
Wix Ticket raised & they tell me that they’ll be compliant & offer appropriate support in time for the new app to be enacted…
However I have some script that’ll work if it can be added in the proper places.
Check this out:

(adds code via HTML) no problem but…

this makes no sense to me. It won’t work directly in the Developer Tools>Home Page section, not can I call it via Javascript


https://support.wix.com/en/article/adding-and-setting-up-the-cookie-alert-popup-app this work i use at my web. u can try from this article

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