Read Wix CRM data using Wix Code

Hi Wix Team,
Is it possible to read wix CRM data and use it in the code.
Use Case:
i need to store the user location manually to the Wix contacts using a dropdown by user and then whenever the user opens my website my website should read the user location from wix contacts and then do some logic based on his location.

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Yes we need to be able to read all data from the CRM, not just email, user ID, member status. We need to be able to read all data fields from the CRM though WIX code.

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This is not possible at the moment. The only way you can achieve this is to maintain your own CRM data collection and link it to the CRM ID generated using either wix-yesrs.register() or wix-crm.createContact().

This is something I have advocated for.