Rebuild on Editor X doesn't work

Hey, does any know why they showed “We’re making improvements
Moving your site to Editor X isn’t available right now.Check back soon.” every time I tried to rebuild my site?

And what should I do or how long I have to wait?


So I reached out to tech support a few weeks back, and I got zero answer about when it was going to be turned back on or what even what the issue is.

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Would really love to know when this is going to be available again also.

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Its still unavailable

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I ran into the same problem. Can we get an answer please?

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Hey @nikkipeng0713 @seth4639 @esteticlab-shop @neil-camilleri @ray-arell !

I just want to provide a little update on why it’s currently unavailable.

The team understands how important this feature is to users. Unfortunately, they discovered a bug that was causing some issues with the migration of sites. The feature has been temporarily paused to stop others being affected by the bug. That being said, I’ll pass the feedback on to the team about how important it is to you.

As of yet, I don’t have an ETA for when it’ll be back :slight_smile:


It is not available yet.:pensive:

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Hey @noahlovell, is there any update on when this might be available again?

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The message suggests ongoing improvements or maintenance on the platform. You should wait and check for updates. If urgent, consider using an alternative platform. Contact support if the issue persists. Duration varies based on updates.

We are still waiting on this feature… this is becoming a huge issue for my business… please let us know when this feature is being relaunched

Hey @jared21233!

Just want to loop back on this one.

I can’t say for certain, but with he launch of Wix Studio, Editor X sites will become a part of Wix Studio in a few month’s time. The team’s current priority in regard to the migration of sites is between Editor X and Wix Studio. If I hear anything about Wix to Studio, I’ll be sure to let everyone know :slight_smile:

This is all a bit frustrating-- Wix just launched Editor X a few years back and now there’s a new builder. Yet there are still sites that are on the original editor. Can we all just get on the same page here?? Is there no way to convert from Wix to X or Studio??? I mean if I have to rebuild all of my client’s sites from scratch I might as well switch to a better platform.


Wix Studio is built on the responsive infrastructure of Editor X, and makes building responsive sites more intuitive with Scale Proportionaly out of the box.

Here’s how things shape up:

  • Editor X sites are in the process of becoming a part of Wix Studio.
  • You’ll soon be able to migrate Editor X sites to Studio.
  • As we shared in the Community Update a few weeks back, there are currently no plans to allow moving Wix sites to Studio. The current priority is to continue making Wix Studio the ultimate platform for your needs—with the best performance and creation experience possible.

There’s no compulsion to move clients’ sites to Studio, they can remain on the Wix editor while you build new sites on Studio.

@noahlovell I had to reach out after being taken aback by your recent communication. In the past, Wix sites were allowed to convert to Editor X, suggesting a pre-existing pathway to Studio. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Develop a system that smoothly transitions sites to Editor X, allowing for staging edits, and then a final step to Studio. The necessary systems are in place; they just need integration. Why create a conversion system and then discard it?

  2. Compelling clients to rebuild sites incurs a significant cost increase, making it a less optimal solution compared to even Editor X (given that Studio is essentially a rebranded Editor X).

Considering the challenges with the neglected Wix Editor and the lack of an easy migration path to the new platform, I’m contemplating moving clients to a more cost-effective platform like WordPress hosted on my server if your company doesnt take a more customer oriented approach to site modernization.

This decision seems counterintuitive. I strongly urge you to discuss this promptly with your managers. Rebuilding sites for modernization isn’t a viable solution when a pathway from Wix to Editor X to Studio already exists.

Having a two tier system is ridiculous and ive never heard of this before, wait i have MoonFruit did this when flash died, they kept flash and a html two tier system - the company died shortly after.


@noahlovell We have now been waiting for 9 months for this feature to be re-released. WIX Editor clients have been completely left behind. I have years of community posts, subscriptions, online programs, and more content stored in my WIX editor site. It would be a massive hit to my business to leave the content and subscriptions behind, but it seems I might have to move to another platform to take the next steps…

Are there any updates on WIX Editor > WIX Studio?


@noahlovell It’s been like this for over a year, I’ve asked customer support for help updating my Wix site from 2016 to Editor X, but seems i’m locked in on this outdated template while wix has increased the subscription plan over 60% in less that 3 years. I’m paying 240€ now (almost 100€ more than in 2021) without any actual site improvements.

Please fix this soon, I want to be able to rebuild my website and keep all the good seo accumulated throughout these years.

With a revenue of over 1.5 billion $, i’m sure wix has the resources to fix this fast.

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Hello Wix Team, can someone finally confirm a release Date as when Editor X migration from WIX sites will finally available. i need this feature please.
thanks and best regards