Recaptcha token is required (-19971)

Hi, I am using an exposed http function on my site to authenticate a user login in my client application. Today I have sent quite a few login requests when testing some stuff out and I’m now getting the error in the title when attempting to use authentication.login().

If I try logging in on my actual website I have to complete a recaptcha, but when sending a POST request with a username and password it fails because I don’t have a token. Is there a way of getting the token the login function wants? Or do I simply have to wait until the recaptcha goes away by not sending requests for a while?


any solution about this?

Are you getting the message when using these API functions too? I got in contact with wix support and it got moved to some higher ups that were meant to check it out but I never heard anything back as of yet.

@jacobhothersall Yesi it was working yesterday but today it returns
Recaptcha token is required (-19971)

@kemal-sahin Thanks for reporting. We are currently working on fixing this error.

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This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if you continue to see any errors.

Brilliant! Just tested it and all seems to be working. One question though, was this due to the amount of requests being sent to a site or was it more of a general issue across all wix sites?

@jacobhothersall Just a general Wix issue that affected many of our services. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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@marlowe-shaeffer No problem!

Hello @marlowe-shaeffer I am getting the same error as well. Please inform me as well when the issue is solved

@erhan_tonbul @kemal-sahin Can you please provide your site URLs here? If you prefer, you can submit a ticket about this issue to Wix Customer Care and let me know the ticket # here so I can share it with the team.

I used customer care and did submit a ticket but no ticket # was provided


i use
import { authentication } from ‘wix-members-backend’ ;

sessionToken = await authentication . login ( email , password );

it returns

“{“approved”:false,“error”:{“details”:{“applicationError”:{“description”:“Recaptcha token is required (-19971)”,“code”:”-19971",“data”:{}}}}}"

@erhan_tonbul I found the ticket. The # is 1320030744. I’ve taken care of it for now, and you’ll be notified in the ticket (or here) once the issue is resolved.

Got it. Thanks!

@marlowe-shaeffer - Getting this same error across multiple sites as we speak, both on wixUsersBackend . register() & authentication . register()

Any timeline on a fix…?

@tiaan63496 We’re working on it. Can you share the URLs for your site or submit a ticket to Customer Care so we can investigate? Thanks

It seems reCaptcha been enabled across all sites by default.
Can it be switched off?

This issue is now resolved. If you’re still experiencing any issues, please let us know here.

Hi @marlowe-shaeffer We have the same issue with our website. Users can’t passed the connexion or inscription because they have a reCaptcha and that doesn’t work.