Related blog posts on a dynamic's item page?

Hi, I’ve tried to find some posts or tutorials about this, but it seems those I’ve found are about Wix, not Editor X.

  1. I have a Collection in the Content Manager with a list of magazine issues, including its cover photo, PDF, issue date, info etc.

  2. This all works. I have an overview page with a Repeater to show all magazines, and then you can click on one and show all its details.

What I want to accomplish in Editor X:

I want to show Blog posts related to that specific Collection Item/magazine on the Collection’s Item pages. Hopefully, through an identifier in both my Collection database and in the blog posts, f.i. an issue number.

Can this be done? I saw something about this, but all the tutorials don’t look like the Editor X interface.

Kindest, Marlon

OK, I’m a step closer. I hadn’t activated the Blog App in the Content Manager. I saw the switch in the dashboard but couldn’t change it. Just now I’ve found where to switch it on :melting_face:

In the editor > Content Manager > Collections > Gear Icon > Advanced Settings

  • So I’m now able to show my Blog Post in a Repeater on my Collections Item page

  • Now I only have to filter them based on a tag in that Collection, but I’m not able to get that working. Same problem if I would like to filter on Category. I get the error: "None of your current datasets are valid for this filter. I’ve tried to add all kind of types of fields to my Collection: Text, Reference, Multi Reference, Tags, URLs…

  • I can get it working with Hashtags, though. But that’s not the ideal situation because then my backend tags will show up for the visitors.

What am I missing here?


The Content Manager team should review this inquiry. I couldn’t find any Wix account with your email, so, I kindly ask you to open a support ticket .

Thank you.