Released: Payment Forms on Editor X

Forms can now be submitted along with a payment.

You have 3 different payment form types:

  • Single Item: Set a single fixed price

  • List of items: Set multiple items at a fixed price

  • Enter Price: Visitors can select how much they pay (min and max can be set)

You will find the new Payment option under the Form Settings on Editor X.

Note: Premium Ascend Package is required to accept payments via the form.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and questions.


That’s amazing method

Nice! It looks like this gives us the ability to do one-click upsells. If not, will we have the ability to do one click upsells soon?

Hi! Great question! I don’t think that this is the solution to do upsells. Since you can only have a single payment field.

You can use the Velo to display the upsell when a particular option is selected in a store. We will share the feedback with the Ecomm team.

This feature is stunning! Thank you!

Dear sir, can i make a such as BUY NOW icon on the dashboard, with symbols of the payment organizations.such as paypal, etc.

Hi, I have a question. I want to use the same registration form but allow our buyers to either choose to pay full amount now or recurring amount weekly or monthly until the date expires. I’m not able to make those settings. Anyone?

can I do a custom member sign up form, and connect payment to it somehow? Trying to figure out how to do that.

Considering the custom member signup form currently requires coding , it may be best to ask in the Velo forum .

I was able find this regarding Wix Forms and Velo and this example for connecting payments for a single product .