Removal of bottom right Whatsapp button that ruins website's mobile experience

Hello, I have a wix website that is handed to me by my bosses and I am tasked to improve the design and look of it. There is a constant whatsapp button on the bottom right of the screen that is visible on every page. It looks fine on the desktop version but it does not scale to fit on the mobile version. I cannot find it anywhere on the wix editor UI, and neither is it an action bar that is shown. It does not appear on the screen when I am editing it and when i preview the website on wix, the whatsapp button is not there.

What are you trying to achieve:
Please help me on fixing this issue, I just need to find where the button can be edited and simply change it’s size.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Perhaps it’s in a Custom Element?

You could try looking at your layers panel to at least find where it is, whatever is causing it will appear there even if it’s not rendering in the editor.