Remove label with wix-crm

I’m using wix-crm to sucessfully manage my contacts as they convert through various offers.

However, I can’t workout how I could remove a label.

For example, if a user triggers a specific event I offer them discount and apply the label “offer-xxabc”. If they redeem the offer, I apply the label “redeem-xxabc”. But I’d also like to remove the label “offer-xxabc” now that they’ve.

I know I can do this in the dashboard, but I’m trying to automate it.

Any advise?

Hi Garry:

really the only option until Wix changes its crm API is to NOT use CRM for this purpose.
The wix-crm api is a one way only api and I think is really focused on collecting mailing list users.

The best way to accomplish what you are trying to do is to manage your members in a data collection. There is a tutorial here:

This gives you maximum flexibility.


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thanks @stcroppe for your answer and for the link

Hi … I have same problem

I built my own data collection following the link above, was straight forward iirc

I’m going to say before I start that I know this is an old topic, GOS, however I found it in a search looking for the information in the subject line. And later I found out that the ‘best answer’ is not correct, or not correct anymore.

So I wanted to add something for others who find this looking for the same information.

It is actually possible to remove a label from a contact. Here is a piece of backend code I wrote for adding and removing a label called ‘plan holders’. Additionally, it adds a label ‘cancelled plan holders’ when the ‘plan holders’ label is removed.

import wixCrmBackend from 'wix-crm-backend';

export async function addLabel (memberId) {
 let contactInfo = await wixCrmBackend.getContactById(memberId)
 let labels = contactInfo.labels
    labels.push("Plan Holders")
 return wixCrmBackend.updateContact(memberId, {labels:labels})

export async function removeLabel (memberId) {
 let contactInfo = await wixCrmBackend.getContactById(memberId)
 let labels = contactInfo.labels
    labels = labels.filter(x => x !== "Plan Holders")
    labels.push("Cancelled Plan Holders")
 return wixCrmBackend.updateContact(memberId, {labels:labels})