Removing Created on Editor X

Is there a way to preview without the ‘Created on Editor X’ above the header?

I understand that may be removed once the site goes live, but it’s difficult to see how the header will work with that white bar across the top.

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All of the premium plans for any amount of time will remove the Editor X ads.

I don’t find it bothersome since it pushes the site down about 50 pixels from the address bar and doesn’t overlap the content. What are you finding hard to see about the header with the ad in the way @hueofblue ?

I realize paid plans which will happen once the client approves the design.
But in the meantime, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

The 50 px affects the ‘fold’ when viewing in landscape view on a tablet and mobile.

Of course I can take in account for that extra space, but it’s a nuisance when testing on multiple devices.

I would also be interested in at least being able to preview the site without that banner. If nothing else, it messes up viewport size calculations, because it takes up space which will not be used when I transfer my dev site to my paid account.
For example, I set Header to 10vh, Footer to 10vh and the centre section to 80vh and I still have to scroll the centre section to see all the content.

Thanks for the feedback @simon-axon .

What I’ve done is use the calculation setting to the VH-50px which is the size of Created on Editor X banner . It will occupy the same space as if the banner weren’t there and can then be changed once the banner is there.


How do i shift that banner so that it cannot be seen when the website is live? I didn’t upgrade

it is a part of Freemium Editor X policy, once the site will be upgraded to Premium Banner will be removed.

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