Repeater to show only what's in Multi-Reference Field

So, I’m trying to build a blog from scratch, and what I’d like to add is a ‘related posts’ feature. The ‘related post’ is a multi-reference field where I can select 4 ‘related posts’ to show on the blog post’s page in a repeater.

I’ve gotten the blog down, the only problem is I can’t figure out a way to make a repeater display items based on the multi-refence field only.

i.e, the collection is going to have hundreds of posts (since it’s a blog), so I don’t want it to show all those posts. Instead, I want it to show what’s the posts selected in the multi-reference field (4 specific posts only).

There are 4 posts selected in the ‘related posts’ field.

However, I don’t want it just to show the title. I’d like it to work like any other repeater and show the title, tags, image, etc (any other field I’d choose) in a card- based on the posts selected in that multi-reference field.

I can’t seem to figure out a way to connect the repeater to that multi-reference field - would it be possible with Velo?

With VELO everything is possible.

You maybe want to use …

Hey Velo-Ninja, thanks for the direction!
I’ve been trying it but I think I may be out of my depth a bit on this one.

So far I’ve managed to filter it based on another collection as well as by user input, but I can’t quite seem to figure out how to make the repeater show what I want based just on that reference in the same collection.