I am new to Editor X.

My background is integration software development.
I am not that familiar with front ends. My wife started an apparel business and naturally asked me to help with the website.

After some research I decided on Editor X and started the journey.

As I am customizing the pages I would like to know if it is possible to have the following layer setup:

  • Repeater (collection 1)
    – Grid
    — Repeater (Collection 2 related to Collection 1)
    ---- Grid
    ----- Repeater (Collection 3 related to Collection 1)

I am able to add a grid in a repeater, and add same collection “level” data links, but I am not able to drag another repeater into the the second grid.

If this is not possible, will it be possible through Velo?

I hope it makes sense. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

@admin9311 hello
we are glad to know that you decided to work with Editor X
as for your query, let me clarify a thing or two, please
Would you like to use the section with 3 different repeaters connected to each other?
why won’t you use different sections with the same grid layout for example?
also, could you share with us a screenshot or screencast of your current preset?

Hi Taran,

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I am want to customize the standard Store products page.

On a mobile, I want to load an image, a mini cart button and an add to cart button. Then all the products will scroll up and down with the first repeater.
The I want to add another repeater where I can scroll left and right for variations of this product, which can be the colour etc, then my customer does not have to select a colour to see a different colour, I can just show the product by scrolling left and right, then I want to add a size repeater at the bottom of that left right scroller with a grid with different variables in that repeater showing different parameters related to the size of the product.

The real benefit then would be if all this data is connected to the PK and FK fields in the collections to be able to build a custom orders page to pick the exact items from my store.

I just want to re-iterate that I am new at it and maybe I am missing something.

Again thank you for the prompt response.

Hi @andrewt ,

Thank you for your prompt response.

I want to customize the standard products page. I want to load the “main” product in a repeater to scroll up and down, then I want a repeater in that repeater to scroll left and right showing various options with different media types, in the “second” repeater I want to add another repeater or two perhaps or as many as I need, to prevent using dropdowns radio buttons etc which will give a scrolling effect on a mobile.

Maybe if I can explain it in my words. I want to relate different repeaters with different tables “collections”. With all PKs and FKs linking the data. Like multi dimensional arrays.

Again I just want to state that I am new to this and might be missing something.

Thanks again


in case it will require Repeater inside other Repeater, it won’t be possible, as repeaters got own limitations, here is the list

I’m not sure if it will be possible to display content in the second repeater based on user selection in repeater n.1

@Rob do you have any ideas on this, or would this be feature request?

This can be done with reference fields. You can reference collection 3 in collection 2 which can then be referenced in collection 1.
So using the example in the article for example, you can get [Artist] and then reference an [Album] collection and then reference a [song] collection.
If you’re getting multiple items, you can use multi-reference fields .

I will mention if it’s for a shop, as a user going through so many clicks to see an item might feel like quite a few steps. Would recommend checking out before you get really granular with the collections.

If you’re going to be adding the products to use Wix Stores, you can also use the collection:


amazing! @admin9311 pls check Roberto’s reply

Thanks @Rob , makes sense, ok let me try that.
I appreciate the prompt response.