Hello! Faced a stupid problem. I make a website for a restaurant. I am trying to add the ability to reserve seats. Everything in the App Market is about online recording. Can I do anything to add a reservation? And How? And then I’m already confusd

Is your requirement about taking reservation of certain party size? Or you want to specify a table number / seat number and reserve it specifically?

I need a reservation by date. So that the client can book the time and date for contacting him

I assume you are using Wix Reservation App. In the app you will be configuring the Opening hours and party size you can take reservations.

Once you have configured it the Widget will display only the date and time which are available to which customer can choose and make reservation.
The reservation information will be available under My Reservations tab in dashboard.

All these are straightforward implementations. Am i missing something here?


Thank you for asking about taking reservations through your site.

The reversations application and resturants apps have not been implemented into Editor X yet.

You are looking to allow customers to book a table or seats on the site, then we recommend that you use the Wix Bookings app on Editor X.

If this does not met your criteria, then we recommend to use the Classic Wix Editor with the reverations app.

We will update the forum when we have implemented more apps into Editor X.

all right