Resize an image automatically (repeater/data)

Hello to all,

I have read many articles before publishing my post.

I would like to be able to place an image in a repeater on EDITOR X, this one would be linked to the data and it would resize automatically so that we can see the whole image whether it is in landscape or portrait format while being linked to the data of a dataset.

After reading the articles, I understood that this is a real hell! I do not understand how it is possible that the WIX development team does not deal with this problem.

EDITOR X is more expensive than WIX but yet it has less functionality look for the error?

We are not talking here about a small problem it is the fact that it is strictly IMPOSSIBLE to resize these images while the image is the basis of a website!

When we put forward the unlimited creation in advertising, the minimum is to provide all the services necessary for the creation! ESPECIALLY knowing that EDITOR X is a new product how is it possible to neglect its product but also the community that tries to express its anger!

I hope that this message will be transmitted to the WIX team so that it becomes aware that it is unbearable not to be able to work with a complete tool.

And if a genius has a solution I take !