Responsive Video Player Without BLACK BARS

Hello everyone!
I am struggling to place a video player that is connected to a dataset video field and stretches to fill the entire grid space dedicated to it.
Instead, I am getting very annoying black bars whenever I am changing the viewport size.
Is there any solution to my particular situation? A #VideoBox stretches beautifully with no bars but it does not have the option to be connected to a dataset. On the contrary, my #VideoPlayer connects to my video field but displays black bars!
I even got lost on finding a solution to color my black bars WHITE (which be satisfying for now)


yeah editor x videos are killing me!!!

hi! I had the same issue. I changed my container (that held the video player) from fluid to fixed. Then, I made sure the container was the exact dimensions of my uploaded video. That did the trick! hopefully this helps.

Bars seem to appear when there is space between the container or video player size, and the actual video file.

So while the video player can be fluid and responsive, the video will keep the aspect ratio and depending on the size, it may cut off.

So using fixed sizing would work since the video won’t change size and possibly cut off the video. Also if using fluid, making sure to keep the scale proportionally checked should help as well and if using the drag handles for the width of video, to use the corners so both the width and height adjust accordingly.