Rich text editor doesn't work on the Wix Data page


I have a Rich Text field for all of my items, but whenever I click on it on the WixData page, it doesn’t pop, and all I can do is write as if it was a regular text field, which is very inconvenient since no font format can be applied.

Is there a way to fix this ? Thanks !

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Hi Tristan,

I tried this out with a test database collection and not sure what you are referring to. When I double click on the rich text field a rich text editor pops up. Here’s a screen shot of what I get after double-clicking on a field that’s defined as rich text:

Let me know how your scenario might differ from mine.



When I click on an empty field, the editor doesn’t pop, but if there is already some text in the field, it does pop.

I noticed that it worked very well in the Wix website Editor, but not on the Wix Data Collection page :

Hi Tristan,

Strange. I tried this on the Wix Data Collection page and here’s what happened:

As you can see, I’ve got an empty field defined as rich text (cleverly named RichText ).

I double click on the [empty] field, and I get this:

Can’t argue with success, but am I missing something?


It must be a glitch. The field is definitely set as rich text.

If you want, post your URL and I’ll take a look.

Here it is :

OK Tristan - strange but true. Tried your database collection and you are right. But it seems even stranger than at first glance…

  • Double-click on a rich-text field that has content: editor pops up.

  • Double-click on a rich-text field that is empty: nothing happens

  • Enter in some text so that the rich-text field is no longer empty, and then double-click on the field: nothing happens.
    It seems to me as if having rich-text content in the field “primes the pump” - that is, sets the field to rich-text. And, if an empty field is then “filled” with some plain text (not rich-text), the editor still does not pop up.

I will pass this by QA and I suspect a ticket will be opened for this.

So, take a cigar out of petty cash.

Thanks !

Keep me posted.

Hi Tristan, I think I see the problem. I’m not sure if it qualifies as a bug — I’ll check with one of my colleagues. But, here’s the issue: Your field name is surrounded by square brackets, which indicates that it was added automatically because you saved that field data using code (either the wix-dataset or wix-data APIs). In other words, the data collection doesn’t really know what type of field it is because you never formally defined it.

To fix it:

  1. View your data collection from the Editor (the sandbox data) so you can make changes to the fields

  2. For the [descriptionmod] field, follow these instructions to add the field to the schema

  3. Change the name (if desired but at least to remove the square brackets), and change the field type to “Rich Text”
    Now when you click inside the field, even when it’s empty, you should get the rich text pop-up window. Hope this helps!

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That’s weird because the field name has no brackets at all in the editor, but does have some on the wix data page, along with another field. Of course I synced the collection to live. Should I create another field to fix this bug ?

Hi Tristan,

I’m not sure how your field would not have brackets in the Editor view but does in the WixDatabase app. From the Editor, are you sure you synced with “Copy all items to Live”? Also, in the Editor view can you click the 3-dot icon next to descriptionmod to confirm that the field has been added? If the pop-up menu has “Add field to schema”, then it is still temporary and needs to be added using the procedure I outlined above.

Could you send me the URL for your actual site (not the WixDatabase link)?

Already did all of this.

I even created a new field, it’s still between brackets on the live page, and it doesn’t work.

The new verson of the website is not published yet, and I can’t publish it until I’m done with that version.

Hi Tristan, you can send the URL of your Editor site? That will help me figure out what might be happening. Thanks.

here goes

Hi Tristan, I’ve looked at your site. It does not look like your data has been fully synced between Sandbox and Live; there are fields that appear in the Wix Database view that do not appear in the Editor’s Sandbox view.

It’s also not clear to me where the data is coming from. If you’re adding fields in the Wix Database view, then you have to:

  1. Go to the Editor Sandbox view

  2. Choose Sync > Overwrite this collection from Live

  3. Change each of the [ ] fields via “Add field to schema”

  4. When you’re done, choose Sync > Copy all items to Live
    In general, we recommend making all database structure changes, such as modifying or adding fields, from the Editor and then syncing it to Live. In other words, don’t make changes in Wix Database.

I hope this helps!

No dice :confused: it didn’t work