Scaling everything proportionally

I would like to know how to scale everything including text within a section/container proportionally, instead of having to guess the text scaling so that it would stay in position.
Being able to scale everything within the viewport proportionately is very useful. A website for example
The website would look cleaner without having text moving around.

Best thing to make sure the site is responsive is to have it setup and using the responsive elements and flexboxes. The articles below might help:

Looking at that page specifically, it seems they only set up one breakpoint, which you can do by deleting breakpoints as well .

It would just be a nice function to have if everything including text could scale together. The text scaling is detached from the global scaling and its difficult to get it to scale right by adjusting text scaling.

By the way, for linked text, is there anyway I could add an underline to it on hover? Or do I need code for this?

@magnusatelier I think the first part sounds like this feature request to have scaling text in the typography theme.
As for the text scaling, does require some trial and error to make sure it moves as you need.

As for the hover question, if it’s a textbox, you can set up a hover interaction for a container with the textbox to be underlined when hovered. Made an example with the exercise here.

Thanks for the help on the rollover underline.

Another issue I am having is scaling shape elements. Due to the fact that I could not scale text proportionally with the entire page, I have added some text as a shape element (.svg format). Shapes appear with a bounding box around it that is super difficult to resize accurately (I have to resize accurately because I am making a menu, needs to be of equal in text size and also layout alignment). Adjusting the bounding box height or width handles for scaling is just not accurate. As the shape can not be aligned to the bounding box, it is difficult to get the height of my text equal. Furthermore if a word has letters such as g, y, p…etc, the letters would appear smaller if I were to resize equally to words that do not contain those letters. If the shape could be aligned to left or right of bounding box, at least then it would be easier to resize, but by default its aligned center. I hope i am making sense.
Is there a way i could resize shapes (.svg) more accurately? The very least would be to have an option to align the shape left, right or center to its bounding box.

@magnusatelier I feel your pain, I’m still trying to figure it out myself and it’s absolutely frustrating. I’ve watched so many videos, read a bunch of articles, and it never seems to work.

I’m pasting two video links below, which you may have already seen, but I’d encourage you to watch them one more time. On the 2nd or 3rd viewing I’ll finally understand something a little more. Let me know if any of these help you out.

Scaling Everything Proportionally
Web Design In Editor X

I wouldn’t say that I can completely understand editor x completely but I have pretty much figured out every aspect of how I want the site to be. I have opted not to use a menu due to the fact that I cannot lay it out the way I want it to. Having to adjust every svg element in the menu is a pain with the bounding box not adjusting like an image. Thats the first frustration.
The second frustration is the cart icon. If this icon can fix itself I wouldn’t be in so much pain, lol! The first frustration of adjusting svg items is just a lot of work but its pretty much set once and forget. But this cart icon, omg!
But yah thanks for trying to assist!

Those sound like the SAME problems I was dealing with. The cart icon is still an absolute nightmare but I’ve got more control over it. Not sure your exact situation but placing it inside a container is what really helped me out.

Watch the video link I sent earlier ( here ) from the 2:00-8:00 minute mark on how to layout the header with icon, menu, and shopping cart. If that doesn’t do it you can send a screengrab or screenshot and I can see if I can help. You can also submit a ticket to the Editor X team. Despite the incredible frustration with their limited resources, the EX team has been very kind and helpful to me.

I have it already in a container. It still does not work. The container will at random readjust itself too! So I have double the headache.

I have just discovered a new issue. The links in the member login bar are not taking me to their respective pages. For example clicking on My Account will take me back to the homepage instead of the My Account page. Same goes for all other links in the menu. I can only access the MyAccount page by typing in the url. The menu links within the My Account page also takes me back to homepage. OMFG!!!

@magnusatelier Send me your site link so I can check it out please.

@buckbowen Its
You’ll need to do a sign up and I’ll approve it, cause its a members only website.

@magnusatelier Hear you about the cart icon and will forward the feedback to the team. I read the previous post above and not sure I understand the issue if the menu is created with images linking to pages. How are you trying to size the elements to make sure they are the same?

It can be tricky to get things to be identical like text or images if they are different lengths but if they’re stacked or in a container, that can help.