SDK setHeight

Can anyone provide tips on how to resize an iFrame component. I have a 3rd party page which is a dynamic height. I just want to tell Wix what that height is.

On my HTML page that I’m using I include the SDK -

The Wix variable is defined. I issue the command - Wix.setHeight(1000);

Nothing happens!? What have I missed.


I also search for the solution to this type of problem, the same happens when it is necessary to configure a chat in the iframe html or another object of the genre.

I also found this - GitHub - wix-incubator/wix-height-updater: No more manual height managing but it doesn’t explain clearly enough what goes where. I tried writing some wix code. Where I can identify my named IFRAME. But I can’t work out how to set the height. Are we totally limited to saying all components have to be a fixed height? For responsive pages, it’s a total oversight. I don’t know why I can’t just include whatever I like in my page. It’s my page, if I mess it up and it doesn’t work I just have to take it out and adjust it don’t I!