Seeking recommendations: Live Chat

I’m wondering if anyone has had success implementing a live chat feature to their Editor X site? As of now Wix Chat doesn’t seem to be available for Editor X so I’m looking for an alternative until it becomes available. Preferably something low cost (free would be ideal) and doesn’t need to be too complex. Can be through the app store or an outside app installed through javascript.

Hi… I have spent a couple of days to find out how the live chat feature would work, especially on my mobile site, with no success! Sometimes the wix chat app worked, and sometimes not.
At the end, I ignored all the apps available on editor x (and any other outside) and simply placed the icons of the chat channels I had, including whatsapp, messenger, telegram, skype etc…, and simply linked the url links of the accounts to the icons… It works!
And for tracing your site visitors, etc… I will use the google analytics, but haven’t installed the codes yet. Good luck!


Thank you guys for sharing your experience using the Chat app.

I will explain the situation, after we got a lot of reports regarding the Chat not working well on mobile, we decided to not allow installation until we resolve those major bugs.

Chat is on the top of our list to be added back on the App Market so we should be expecting it to be available soon.

We appreciate your patience throughout this time.

hi…um…did someone forget about the chat app? Hate to be a pain but the chat functionality is kinda urgent. (Far more urgent then many of the other recent updates one could argue…).

@dczamedia Hi there! we completely agree chat is important. I’m happy to update it’s rolling out in a few days so keep an eye on the releases page.