New: Live Chat

Let site visitors reach out 24/7.

Now you can add chat from the App Market. With chat, anyone visiting the site can instantly send a message. Site owners can chat back anytime - even from mobile.

Automatically greet visitors when they enter the site, never miss a lead with lead capture forms and save replies to answer visitors quickly.

Download the app to chat on the go and get notifications when new visitors arrive on the site.


Thank you for releasing this app for the Editor X websites.
And the whole updates are making Editor X and the best place to build websites. God bless you and keep going on! After the recent event(Editor X Unstoppable), I felt encouraged. :roll_eyes::grinning::wink:

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Hi. Nice with new-ish features. Maybe sometime make it possible to customize the design of the chat. Right now obviously it looks wix’y… Like make it possible to remove the drop shadow, make it possible to embed it on a site as an integrated part of the design, for instance half way down the site - stuff like that. Why isen’t it full screen helvetica size 100 transparent arranged on top of the site if that’s what is desired. Would make it more editorx’y. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

what about members chat? Per-To-Peer Messaging System, when are you going to support it?

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Is wix chat free with wix studio basic plan?