Send to Dataset - Checkbox "Checked" w/ Code

Hello, I essentially created “Select All” buttons that check off a bunch of existing Checkboxes on my page. All of the Checkboxes are linked to a boolean field in a connected Dataset. However, when I use the coded button to “check” the boxes (as follows), the linked fields do not show “True” when I Submit to the dataset.
$w(‘#checkGDC’).checked = true ;

So basically, the checks show up in the boxes, but the appropriate “True” is not sent to the linked fields in the dataset. How can I make this work as intended?

Thanks for the help!

Hey Steven,

Setting the checkbox value isn’t enough. You also need to set the field of the dataset item using setFieldValue() . For multiple fields, you can use setFieldValues() .


Hi Yisrael,

Got it working w/ setFieldValues()- thanks so much!


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