SEO question ref: we are building a business/company listing directory in EdX Wix (over 1,000+ companies)

We are building a business/company listing directory in EdX Wix (over 1,000+ companies).

The basic list/detail will be done with repeater/list and each company will also have a full dynamic page all about them.

each Dynamic page has an unique address like:
So the system understands which of the page is loaded and generate content for it.

My question is I have read conflicting opinions about the impact this (dynamic pages) has on SEO.

Ideally we want each page to rank well (if anyone searches for information about that company etc.)

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge they may care to share?

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If you practice good SEO and employ all the tools in the editor and admin backend you should be fine. The “All” dynamic page of 1000+ will have a lot of data for search engines to sift through and a search on specific company may summon that page, but it will definitely pull the “Title” dynamic page for that company.

In this case the rule is keep it simple and clean and link out to the company and their sites online.

Try to also have companies link back to their page when possible.

Also, try to find a secondary description for these companies to identify them more uniquely, either by location, industry or other search critical markers and create additional directories, via different databases.

For example a location database and industry database could reference each other to create a link like this

[](ind -dallas/acme-oil

And headings like this

Oil Refinery

have links that say thinks like this

Visit Texas Oil Refinery Website
View Other Texas Oil Industry Websites
View Other Dallas, Texas Oil Industry Companies

And link out and cross-reference as much as you can.

I hope this helps.


We are asking the SEO community to help us understand how we can best implement this for companies who list their business on our directory.
• What do you consider the primary keyword? (we want to give it a different name, but still try and be as specific as possible)
• What is the secondary keyword? (a more specific version of the primary keyword)
• What is the tertiary keyword? (a less specific version of the primary keyword)
Our goal in building this directory is to bring more clients/customers to our client’s websites. Listing with us should be a positive thing. This SEO community( ) will play an important role in helping companies understand which keyword we should use, as well as how to best describe their company so consumers will want to choose them.

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