Set image from media manager for database field

I am looking to be able to display a row of 5 images from my wix media manager that the user can choose one and it will be added to a database field.

I am open to adding them to the database in a different way than from the media manager if it is easier, just looking to have pre-curated images that the user can choose from for submission.

Thank you!

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Hi Karson,

If you need to update these images regularly the best method is by adding them to a collection for easier management. Than, to pull the data either use wixData query or connect the collection using a dataset.

Otherwise, you can simply add them to your code as variables, (or ‘hard coding’ the url):

let img1 = 'image://v1/b167f8_1c2cb5c6eca6418eb51f9d16cdf3d4c4~mv2.jpeg';
let img2 = ///....

For both methods you will need to enter the image url.
To locate the image url see the following article.
Retrieving the URL of an Image on Your Wix Site

Thank you for the reply. It is possible I do not understand your response or my question was unclear. I will further clarify with my use case. Upon new user sign up, I want them to be able to select from a set of avatars and that avatar then be displayed throughout various areas of the site. Can I hard code the options and selecting an image inserts the URL into the database and will it then display it?

Thank you again.

Hello Karson,

Yes, you can achieve that with some coding.
The exact implementation depends on a number of factors however in general you should display the 5 avatars in your sign up page and create an onclick event that ‘selects’ an image.
for example:

let selectedImage;

export function avatar1_click(event, $w) {
    selectedImage =;

export function avatar2_click(event, $w) {
    selectedImage =;

Than write some code that runs once a user clicks the ‘submit’ to check if an image is selected, and if not, use the url/file given by the user, then submit the form by calling Dataset save()

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Thank you very much!