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Greetings Wix Community,

I’m uploading a video for showcasing a product in my Wix store (editor x).

When uploaded to the Media Manager, the video cover image or thumbnail if you want, is selected automatically.

There seems to be no option in Wix for me to select the correct cover image.

I search for information on the topic and get a link to a Wix written article that is outdated, the edit icon simply doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Any solution to this? I hope someone can suggest and easy and currently working fix for this issue.

Editor X

What are you trying to achieve:
What I am trying to achieve: Correct cover image can be the difference between selling and not selling a product.

What have you already tried:
I found this article on the topic, but sadly the information is now outdated due to changes in the Wix systems. (Wix Video: Changing the Cover Image of a Video | Help Center |

Additional information:
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If the automatic thumbnail selection isn’t working as expected, here’s a potential workaround: Before uploading the video, create an image that you want to use as the video’s cover image or thumbnail. Save this image to your computer. paybyplatema In your Wix Editor X, navigate to the Media Manager and upload both the video and the cover image. Once both the video and the image are uploaded, you can manually set the image as the thumbnail for the video.