Setup your account

Our new Wix Studio community forum introduces a range of new features, making it easier to engage and connect with other creators.

One of the many new improvements is the ability to sign in with your Wix account. This improvement has a range of benefits, including having a seamless experience between your Wix account and our community.

Joining the forum is as simple as clicking Log in in the forum header. If you’re already signed into your Wix account, clicking Log in will sign you into the forum. If you’re not signed into your Wix account, you’ll be prompted to sign into your Wix account.

Customize your profile

When signing into your forum profile, there are a few options to customize your forum profile, and make it yours. For example, choosing a username, writing a bio and more.

Here’s how to do it (desktop):

  1. After signing in to the forum, choose your profile picture in the top right corner.
  2. You should now see a menu with icons on the right side. Click the bottom icon (User icon).
  3. Now choose “Preferences”.
  4. This is the area you’ll use to update your profile, like your username, profile picture and more.
  5. Choose the “Profile” tab, and add an “About me”
  6. Don’t forget to save.

And that’s the basics for setting up your profile. Check out some of the other tabs to customize your account to your liking.

Taking ownership of your old forum profiles

As part of migrating our old forums to one forum, there are a small few steps that may need to be taken to get access to your old content.

  • If you had matching login email addresses in the old forums, those accounts have already been merged. So, if you used to login into the Partners and Velo forums, it’s already become 1 account.
  • If you had different email addresses to log in to the old forums, those accounts currently remain separate.

When signing into the Wix Studio Community forum (this forum), follow the table below to understand how it works.

Old forum email Wix account email Email used on this forum What happens No action required. You’ll be signed into your forum profile and will take ownership of the content created on your old forum profiles You’ll be signed into this forum with Fill out this form to request your old profiles are merged with your Wix Studio community forum account

If your Wix email address matches the login email address of your old account/s then you’ll immediately take ownership of their old content.

If your Wix email address is different to the login email address of your old account/s then a new account will be created in the Wix Studio community forum, and you’ll need to submit a request to take ownership of the old account’s content. We’ll need to know the email addresses used for your old accounts. Fill out this form to get started.