Share Wix member session data across external website(s)

We have a Wix website where users can login and order Pricing Plans / Subscriptions.

I’d like users to be able to go from our Wix site to an external site (React app made by us) and have that site understand:

  • The member they are logged in as as
  • Retrieve Pricing Plan info for the given member (active or expired plan)

Any advice on the best way to go about this?

I was thinking http-functions but it looks like those are always executed as an anonymous user

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Hello! I don’t have any examples of your exact use case, but a few things for you to review that I think will help you figure out the workflow.

The first is we have a Velo package (similar to an npm package but specifically for velo if you haven’t seen these yet) for HMAC authentication to protect your http functions.

HMAC authentication readme

The second is a tutorial created by a Velo user on using firestore with Wix/Velo that will cover concepts that can apply to your use case

Firebase >> Wix Tutorial

Take a look at these and let me know you thoughts or other questions

Also when using the wix-data library to get/update data you can make your calls with the suppressAuth option which will skip permission checks. If you combine this with HMAC you’ll have a secure way to share data between sites/apps without opening it up to 3rd parties.

Example here: