Shipping Options

I am in the process in creating a site for a feather company.
They were going to take care of setting up the shipping options, but they require a bit more than expected. I have racked my brain and can not seem to figure out how to do this for them.

They need the following options at checkout:
· UPS Ground (calculated at checkout)
· Fedex Ground (calculated at checkout)
· USPS First Class Package (calculated at checkout)
· USPS Parcel Select (calculated at checkout)
· USPS Priority Mail (calculated at checkout)
· Pickup at store (Free)
· Local Delivery within 25 miles ($50)

I have asked and Wix Stores advised this cannot be done, the client mentioned they had searched the internet and come up with something called the Wix Fetch Command. I have not yet delved into Corvid. Not being versed in Velo, I wanted to make sure there was no other way for them to accomplish this without code. If it can be done by code, I would love some recommendations on Partners who might be able to take this over?

I don’t have an answer for you, unfortunately, but I’ve been searching online for the last two hours to try to figure out how to add other carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL to my Wix website as well. Apparently, it isn’t an option and it should be. Especially with how crazy shipping rates are right now. Customers need options other than just USPS.

simplyearthsoaps, yes. It is nerve racking. Wish I could figure something out. If I do, I will let you know. Not getting much info when I reach out. Posted in the Velo forum to see if there was something we could do with code, but crickets.

You will need to build a custom cart page with custom feature integration even having “Live Time Rate”

One of the examples of a custom cart page I have built:

To connect with 3rd party API:

You can do with Velo