Shortening link in table

Hello everyone,

I have a collection with about 3000+ rows of data which is filtered by user selection. One of the columns is a link and currently it displays the full URL which isn’t very pleasing.

I’m wondering is there is an easy way of shortening this so that it can perhaps display the work ‘Link’ or something but still have the actual URL?


The following code snippet shows how you can use a Button or Text to clean up the appearance of your links.

// sample link and name
const name = "link to Wix";
const link = "";

// set up a button
$w('#btnLink').label = name;
$w('#btnLink').link = link;
$w("#btnLink").target = "_blank";

// create a text link
$w('#txtLink').html = `<a href="${link}" target="_blank"><span style="font-size: 2em"> ${name} </span></a>`;

thank you , much appreciated