Should I Choose Store Template or NO?

Im hoping the community can help and guide me in the correct direction.

This is now our third website with WIX and our new client is a business that sells Equipment, although they do not wish to take any payments online , they are very much a local business and only want to display there equipment, price, description and some images.

The website will have different categories listing different type of equipment from Agracultiral, Fork Lifts, Diggers etc. New additions will have a small image on the main page with each item having its own page.

Their old website is Wordpress, they themselves can create a new listing - this automatically generates a small image listing on the main page.

They would like basic access that would allow them to update the website with new equipment themselves and not be reliant on us.

Is all this achievable with WIX?

My main question would be this, would we need to go down the store route or not due to no online purchase being required?

We would appreciate any guidance.