Show "position/place" of repeater item

I have a repeater that displays “Score” information coming from a collection. The dataset settings is set to sort the repeater from “Score” High → Low.

I would like to know if there’s a way to show the position/place of that item in a text box.

The dataset setting has a max number of 50 items to display. As we scroll down the repeater on the live site, we would like to see the position of the item.

Can you provide a link to your “live-site”, to take a look on what you are talking about, to get more details?

To get positions of any elements in your repeater you could perhaps use the “onViewportEnter/Leave” event-function.

This is not the site but an example I’m following

My idea would perhaps be…

-When MouseOver a repeated item —> get Item-Index
-Show result in a textbox within a (pinned) box on your page.

You will need this…$w/repeater/onitemready