Side button behavior

Is there a way to control when and were the side button appears in mobile mode?
I placed it under ‘Fixed’ , but I want it to disappear when:

  1. User stop scrolling.

  2. The side button shall appear from section .

Hi there!
I’m Chen from EditorX design team.
In order to achieve the behaviour you mentioned and control button behaviour you will need to use code, if you familiar with Wix Corvid you can try to do it with their guides$w/button


To show a button from a specific location you can use Corvid api - onViewportEnter / Leave .
Select the element or section from which you want to show the button> Copy its ID to the function.
Select the button you want to show and copy its ID.

// >> Something like this:

// To show button
$w("#trigger_element_id").onViewportEnter( (event) => {

// To hide button
$w("#trigger_element_id").onViewportLeave( (event) => {

Don’t forget to set the button as hide on load

thank you ! very helpful, will do