Site breaks at 320, not 319

If my smallest breakpoint is 320-750, why does my site break at 320?

Everything is fine up till 321 but breaks at 320. Shouldn’t it technically break below 320?

The previous breakpoint breaks at 751. If you add another breakpoint below your 750-320, say something like 319-0, the that previous one was at 320. If there is nothing below it, it ends right before the last pixel.

However, I found that 280px is a sufficient width for the smallest device these day. Curious what you have below the 320/319?

But my previous breakpoint is 751-1000 and it breaks at 750.

That’s why I assume the mobile breakpoint of 320-750 would break at 319…but it doesn’t. It breaks at 320.

And there’s nothing below 320…I just don’t understand the inconsistency of it breaking at 320 instead of below.

My question is why mind a change in layout from 320 to below that. I would imagine all the behaviors would remain the same, as long as you avoid pixel widths only use vw or percentages.

Have you tried adding a break point below that? Curious.

I don’t really mind the change. As you say, everything remains the same.

I suppose it’s about why this happens and the thinking behind this. Maybe someone from Editor X can chime in.

Is this a bug that happens only at the 320 breakpoint?

FYI, you can’t add a breakpoint below 320…it has to be between 320 and 10000.

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Inquiring minds always prevail!

hey, @hueofblue
320 is the smallest breakpoint by design limitation, it is not possible to have it smaller. The reason for this is that there are not so many devices with smaller screen widths (iPhone 5 is 320px for example)
we received some queries from Community X about more breakpoints options, additional flexibility, everything will be forwarded to our developers

Understood…you can’t go below 320.

But my point is technically the page should not break at 320…because the range is 320-750.

Mind clarifying the “breaking” that is happening @hueofblue ?

I was trying to see on the live site but I also can’t find a way to get to under 320px viewport width short of zooming in on desktop to 500% which seems unrealistic for anyone to zoom in that much. My phone viewport is locked to it’s size and can’t toggle the zoom to get under 320px.