Site Masters Menu Disappeared

Hello, Logging in today, the Site Masters menu is empty for me. Is anyone else having the same experience? The Site Masters still exist and work correctly in the pages, but they don’t appear in the menu. I’ve tried logging in through several browsers and having the same effect on all of them.

Yes, I’ve been having the same issue since Friday, May 15, and reported it to Wix during a tech support call. When I add a hamburger menu to my site, the menu will not display the pages of my website when you click on it.

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Hi Pete,
I’m Anna from the Editor X Product team.
Would you mind reporting this through the feedback feature on your site if you haven’t yet? This would really help us investigate the issue.
Please include as much information as you can, such as screenshots, the pages you have Masters on and any steps you’ve taken so far to help us replicate the process on our end.

John, considering you reported this on a tech support call, our development team is probably looking into this and we will let you know once we have an update.

We do apologize for the experience you both had.
Thank you both for the feedback and for your patience!

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Thanks Anna! Gio with the Editor X Team emailed me yesterday with a solution to try, which did NOT work. I emailed him back around 1:30pm EST and have not heard back from Gio. Here is what his original email to me suggested (which didn’t work):

Hi   John, 

I was looking into your site and I see you have made some modifications.
The hamburger menu is no longer present, however, if you wish to add it again, here are the steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Add the hamburger menu

  2. Open the hamburger menu in Edit mode

  3. This will open a blank container

  4. In this container, add a vertical menu.

The reason it was blank was because this vertical menu was removed from the container at one point.

Thanks for the prompt. Submitted Feedback through the editor! Here’s a preview of my blank Site Masters menu on the left. This page has 4 Site Masters in it (all working), but none show in the left-hand menu.