Slideshow and Animation

I’m having problems fully understanding how the “animate” feature interacts with a slideshow.

With a slideshow selected I can click the settings button and this allows me to set the transitions between slides (time and effect). This works as expected.

I can also select the Animate button with the slideshow selected. I have determined that this setting is global (applied to all the slides in the slideshow), because when I click an animation (such as Fly-In), and then I scroll through all the slides in my slideshow, all appear to be set to Fly-In. But when I preview my site, only the first slide does the Fly-In transition, all the others go back to the simple transition from Settings.

Am I doing sometime wrong or is this a glitch?

thanks in Advance.


This forum is specialised in Wix Code product.
Therefore, I suggest you contact Wix Support , as they can help you best.