>>SOLVED! Can a Lightbox stay constantly open?

I’m trying to create a set of 5 symbols with transparent background on the right hand side to work as a menu. i would love to have these symbols visible all the time on all pages. i have a video running as background. whenever i click on a symbol in my lightbox it dissapears. how can it stay constantly open? or is there a better way to do this? i tried freezing symbols but that won’t work on mobile. thankful for advice.
this is the site: jjggny.wixsite.com/jensgad

Try to use a Box Pinned (right click the box and select Pin to screen) to screen on right side. Pin does not works on mobile.

mvveiga - thanks for this idea! any mobile friendly solution?

Using Custom Element with css position: fixed.
One hard soluiton (workaround) is to use a Box SlideShows. That element has option to show content outside frame.
The idea is put one Box Slideshow on header with icons and keep that option ON. Resize the boxSS to header height.

Interessting solution!

wow - thank you - that sounds massive. i will try to figure it out - otherwise will have to hire your services​:blush::blush::blush:

You are looking at something on similar lines, right?

thanks so much! that is close. in the attached screenshot you see that the 5 symbols on the right hand side should always be there, no matter how far down you scroll. the page itself scrolls down for more content. that background remains a loopi

ng video.

mvveiga!!! I fixed it!! your solution is amazing!! thank you so much!! really really appreciated and saved me lots of time!! best - jens