[Solved] How do you create a hyperlink inside a Table

I have a table that summarizes all of the entries inside a dataset. It gives the title and the link to the dynamic page. I’d like the link to be a hyperlink. Currently, it is just showing up as text.

When creating the table, I’ve used:

"type": ["string","link"]


"type": ["string","URL"]

These suggestions were based on previous posts in this forum however neither worked

According to the documentation there is no url type. These are the data types


The type of data in this column: “number”, “string”, “date”, “image”, “bool”, or “richText”.

There is a filed in the data fetcher called linkpath. I have not used it, but I would read through in the docs and see if that will work for your scenario

Thank you Amanda. I was providing information that I found on this forum that does not work. Your reply addresses to the reason it does not work.

Any idea on how to get the address to appear as a hyperlink in the table?

I would check the linkpath attribute of the datafetcher in the documentation. As mentioned, I have not used this, but per the docs it’s stating that it is for defining what happens when the data is clicked on

I found a solution.
I first had to access the editor’s setting menu and set the “Clicking selects” option to Cells.

I then used the following event handler:

export function table1_cellSelect ( event ) {
wixLocation . to ( event . cellData );

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Awesome! Glad you found the correct settings and thank you for updating for others passing through

Can I get a help you to do this exact function to my webpage?