Sorry guys I don't know who to ask

I’m trying to use wix and I like it a lot. And it is helping me understand what a website is and what a website can be very differently. But When I use these apps all the formats are different and my website is getting weirder.

My project is very diverse, I am trying to make a job listing and apartments listing site. It is hard for me to even think about how the two should be related, much less how to visually convey that in a website.

And when I run it through these apps. I see wow! you have a lot of cool tools. I know eventually I will probably have to build everything from scratch.

I think what I really want to use is just the forum app and change the design so it looks like your jumping into multiple services. If it is a forum then you can have user content as well and it is easy to setup the categories. My first thought was I could just list the splash page to two or three different blogs.

But the more I think about it a forum is just a list of two or more blogs. So I think that will work. But right now I have the bookings and the blog and they look different so it is hard to make the website feel consistent and organized.

Any feedback, suggestions or insults are welcome! Have fun out there

Hi Charles,

Sounds like you need some help and guidance in understanding what kind of site you are looking to build together with some design tips to answer your needs

As this forum is mainly for Wix Code users I think you better start by contacting