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I need to create a web page for a shopping mall. It is necessary to create a page - shops. There will be different categories like food, drinks, clothing, sports, etc. It is necessary that when choosing one of these categories, these stores will appear. What are your recommendations? Here is one example Clothing « Shops - Rīga Plaza

check this please also:

Hi @mikusspinga – There are two things you’ll need to do for this, and you won’t need to do it through Wix Stores. You can do this on your Editor X site using 1) the Content Manager and then 2) using the filter feature.
This post + video will show you how to create the mechanic –

Let me know if this helps.

Perfect, looks like this is exactly what I need. Another question, do these categories have their own unique URL? I ask because I will also have some of the categories posted on the main page, and I would like to go directly from there to this categorie.

by creating it with Content Manager, you can have unique URL set from dataset:

But please note that filters results are not reflected in the url, so it will work for brand (I’m referring to link above)

We also got some information on this form CM experts and we can possibly advise you to do it with creating Category page (Dynamic page to Categories collection) with additional dataset for Stores (filtered by current category) and then finally to add a repeater connected to Categories to allow navigating between the pages

still the indication on select requires Velo

Unfortunately, I will not use the store app here, but of course I will use the content manager and dynamic pages. I know you can get URLs for each product, but I need URLs for those categories. I want to use input, selection tags. The question is, can I get a URL for these, without VELO?

I think yes, but need to clarify, how the URL structure should look like at the end of the day?