Speeding up load time

I want to prioritise above the fold rendering on my page in an attempt to speed up the load, I see many tutorials to do this for wordpress users but none for wix users, how do I do this?


I also want to know more about this! :slight_smile:


me too

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For what its worth me too…

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Hi Wix Team

I dont see someone from Wixcode Team response on this matter.
Speed is what we need - design is useless if we cant load it on speed.
Rendering seems not enough for destop.

Any plugin we can use or code? I am trying to find way and i am stuck.

Wix seems dont have solutions to do the following

  1. Minify JS
  2. Minimize request size
  3. Defer parsing
  4. Leverage Browsing caching

Any advice is much appreciated.



Some way of browser caching can be used and also you can prefetch dns in your header. I have a video on this on wixshow.com under videos. That small fixes I did was obviously amazing according to a user who made all his sites much faster using this trix. There is of course a lot to wish using Wix regarding speed but there is things coming.


Hey Andreas

Appreciated much that videos and at least it did actually ess the waiting time for my site. I will have to work more on my images.


I just made a new video on how to get stuff above the fold to load and the rest not to, until the user starts to scroll on your site. Look at wixshow.com under Members / Videos.


I Have been trying to find a solution for this, any one here succeeded on the page speed of wix, i see wix team is not worried about speed ?

Thank u.

Hi Imtiaz, if you have no dynamic content on the page you would like to speed up, you could catch it. It only works if there is no user login bar, events, blog posts etc. Go to menus and pages in the editor, click on the button next to the page and choose page settings. Then go to advanced settings and switch on catching. if your page is quite static you could choose a long time, like 24 hours. It speeded thing up by 3 or 4 times in the pages I tried.

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