Still having major issues - anyone else?

Evening all
Is anyone else having issues with datasets and repeaters? For the last 2 weeks consistently I’ve had huge issues with repeaters not showing on previews and being unable to delete datasets that I manually added to pages. It doesn’t matter if I press delete or right click and delete. And the only way to delete the datasets is to delete the entire page! Its incredibly frustrating and restrictive. I’ve reported it as a bug since the beginning of the issue, several times, but its still there.
I don’t believe its my end as I’ve cleared chrome completely of literally everything to see if it was cookies or cached pages etc, but its still an issue. Anyone else experiencing this?


Hi Mina,
I’m Naama and I work for the Editor X Product team.
Your feedback on the Editor X beta is helping us improve our product. We apologize for the experience you had with the datasets.
We’ve sent this on to the development team and they are looking into it.
Please try to create the collection first and then connect a dataset to it.
Thank you for your help and we appreciate your patience.
Please feel free to reach out again with any questions or concerns.
Best regards,

Hi Mina,
About the issue regarding deleting a dataset, then to overcome the problem, what we suggest is that you will remove all connections to this dataset and then you will be able to delete it.
Please let us know if it resolved your issue.
Thank you